@pawoo_support ご対応ありがとうございます!おつかれさまです!

@pawoo_support お疲れ様です

@pawoo_support What exactly were the complaints sent to you? That all seemed to happen at once.

@Moxie Well I don't spend my days camping the local tab, but I have been seeing a sudden increase in posting and linking to CSEM type stuff, both here, and on Pixiv, when I do glance in. Feels very targeted and intentional.

@Moxie Child sexual exploitation material. You know things like CP and what not? Not loli, actual real pictures and videos of kids. Some of the stuff posted I've seen is probably officially sold gravure idol stuff, but some of the others I've seen is definitely not. On Pixiv the apply all kinds of filters to the stuff usually to try and claim it's a drawing or 3d modeling usually. Don't see much of that here comparatively.

@intruige ah, gotcha. thanks for answering. I wonder what is going to happen with AI generated material like that.

@Moxie Well I know at least in the US, if it looks real enough that it is indistinguishable from real people, even if it is a drawing, you can still be charged for possession or distribution. I'm more worried that AIs can already create stuff that looks real enough you'd think it's human, and that the people running the AI's aren't doing something to prevent it being used for that. That and where exactly they are getting the data to make such lifelike creations.


@pawoo_support Yeah, honestly I feel like a lot of whats been going on there recently with abuse material is a targeted kind of attack by certain groups. You can see similar things happening on Pixiv as well a lot lately. There are select accounts which will spam illegal stuff, get banned, then come back and do it again. This increase has been speeding up like a rocket, and intentionally too. Kind of thing that needs government breaking down doors to stop though.

@intruige @pawoo_support I am not sure about that there is a targeted kind of attack, but it is really a serious problem about increasing spam comments with illegal links, some artists even close comment area to stop spam.

@pawoo_support いつも運営ありがとうございます!復旧作業ありがとうございます!

@pawoo_support お疲れ様です!復旧ありがとうございます!

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