I am currently running a small Mastodon poll asking on what continent users live. Asia is currently just at 3%. I noticed that Pawoo.net with its 600k users still runs on Mastodon 2.4.0. Does Pawoo.net support polls at all? Do you consider updating to a recent Mastodon version (3.1.2)?



@gerald_leppert Thank you for using Pawoo.
Updating to the Mastodon version (3.1.2) is currently undecided.
Please send your request to Pawoo Support (@pawoo_support) with the "" tag. The development team will consider and respond at any time. Pawoo is made with an open source service called Mastodon, and there are things that cannot be done by the Pawoo development team alone. Please note.

#Request : Please update pawoo.net to a recent #Mastodon version (currently v.3.1.2). The version 2.4.0 that pawoo.net is using is very outdated and lacks features. For example, pawoo.net users cannot engage in polls and much more.

@Gargron @radicalgraffiti

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