Can someone tell me:
1- is earned money saved on fantia, dlsite, gamroad, subscribestar and other money making platforms if there is no card and paypal?
2-Can this money be spent inside the site on which it remained (without withdrawal to your paypal)?
I tried fanbox, but in it I could not spend the money I earned on the art I liked. (((((
P.S.: gif - so that it is not boring to read it.

@oldie1515Alter I'm not sure about that. Why don't you use a card or PayPal?

@Nebukhanezzar paypal, which I used for commission, was blocked a long time ago. If I use a card, it will be possible to link all my data with me, and I may not be able to draw anything at all. There was an idea to use bitcoins, but, as I understand it, there may be problems with them at the time of transferring them into real money.

@oldie1515Alter I'm pretty sure no, not sure about subscribestar and gumroad tho. You can do it with patreon I noticed.

@oldie1515Alter fyi Gumroad escrow doesn't. If you've made $ from selling on gumroad you cannot use it to make purchases until you transfer it to Paypal (your bank) first. And you must wait for Gumroads "payday" once a month for a payout. Also, don't waste time with crypto if you ever plan to move $ around with it.

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