a pedo was banned from my softcore loli and shota chat group cuz we dont welcome motherfuckers like kayfaraday@pedo.school here

kayfaraday posted irl swimsuit girl pic in pedoschool and it being a irl kid pic in the context of a pedo website it does count as cp or csem under dost cuz its being used by pedos as fap material

now who the fuck is tibby? if any1 knows whos tibby pls contact me with details
either reply here or go to my dms

one pedo has just been nuked from pawoo
he was posting real child porno and his pfp was also real child porno
and pawoos setting to hide all media by default did nothing to hide his pfp or his suggestive banner so i was scared when i was carefully trying to report his asshole and get him what he fucking deserved!

@TiberiusPonificus i think i saw you on a telegram shota chat group
shotaholic or ss kingdom i think


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