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I didn't had much confidence in that Nagatoro doodle and it looks like she crushed Liz pic (with reblogs on twitter). Oh well, enjoy :P

@solexid As far as i can tell - it's how it's supposed to work. Your instance doesn't keep record on my account(on other instance), unless someone from your instance subscribes to me and that's the starting point for a local copy of my timeline on your instance. It does not download the whole archive of toots i made before that point. That's why there's that info box when you look at people profiles on the other instances

@solexid I've chosen pawoo, because it's art oriented, relatively big and does not seem to block any instances. So even if ppl don't see me, at least i can see anyone who mentions me. I had this problem on other instances, that because of blacklists i couldn't see people mentioning me, interacting with my posts or PM me. That's a big flaw - especially since if you write to the instance that's blocking yours - you have no error messages or idea your messages aren't going to reach the recipient

@solexid Heh, i had to learn it the hard way - Mastodon is a weird beast. You don't have any data from me on your instance. It starts aggregating once someone from your instance(or you) start following me (and that's the starting point). On top of that - mastodon is split in the middle due to politics and such. A lot of instances have some sort of blacklists. Pawoo may be silenced on yours, because of drawn lolis in the pawoo timeline.

@a1batross @blobyoumu @solexid I am! Hello! And thank you :) I try to stay fedi-positive, but it seem to be hard to get noticed here and i have to be conscious, that most of my audience would unfortunately rather use twitter. boosted

Hey so, my buddy Sunna's previous account was suspended, so do me a favor and follow his other accounts~ He's active on Pixiv, and got a new account here. Weak start to 2020, let's show some love for the one true elf god. :< boosted