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Meet Arach the Spider-kin! Spider-Kin emit a sweet smell to attract prey and then trap them in their web... but sometimes they attract bears instead! That's how Teddi and Arach became ''friends'' and she keeps destroying his webs with her bear force! Poor spider 💦

Cute Kofi Commission! 💖☕️
If you like this please consider buying me a Kofi here:

SBBW Tomoko commission! It's always a big challenge to get these right but it's fun!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you had a nice easter break! Have this chubby bunny boi to celebrate!

I made this for DarkandTwistedWhisper on Youtube so if you like ASMR you can check it out here:

My promised upload! A cute Splatoon OC commission I took forever to finish but here it is! 💖🥰

♨️🍯Honey Spa🍯♨️

I've been so tense and stressed lately, so I drew this for myself to relax inbetween working on commissions. 🛀

I am back with Stuffed Sunday, I'm starting it off with Yuki Miku 2019 having a sweet feast! 🍰🧁☕❄️

A santa Ko-Fi commission for RunningWildWolf! Thank you for supporting me, I hope you like it! ❤️

If you like my work and want to support me, please consider buying me a Ko-fi here: ❤️

I made a Ko-Fi! Buy me a coffee, if you'd like! ☕️♥️
(You can even get a colored sketch request!)

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