@mijukumono 元気よく思いの限り弾ませV字してる可愛さ…前髪揺れておでこ丸見えだったりお腹の適度なぽってり感がまた素敵( ̑ ᾥ ̑ )…

@nocturne_1208 元気一杯に健康的なえっち表現はちんちんに来るものがありますよね!ありがとうです!

@mijukumono The happy little cheerleader is awesome, as much for her fierce excitement as her taut young body revealed so freely. Lovely work on her cute costume & intricate panties that give a great idea of her full loveliness… but I'm glad we get to see her fully bared too. 😄 Let's hope she doesn't distract the team, since they'll definitely want to celebrate with her after a win. Thanks for the win of seeing your cutie at her brightest.

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