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A commission by an artist who has moved on from shota.

Even in the heat of battle, this little boy finds the time to have some fun. Popping a smoke grenade is always a good way to cover his advance, and by the time you see him emerge from the smoke, it's already too late to protect yourself. You'll only catch a brief glimpse of him before the second grenade is thrown, luckily enough for you, the smoke shield will stop your friends from seeing you get dominated by a tiny little catboy.


#shota #furry #cub

Elias always stays late after school for some extra credit work. He's a good boy after all.

waiting for you to walk in and see him on your bed. what a tease XD #shota

Lucas and Nate are playing their favorite game, "bury the bone." It helps them get closer in their relationship and ... doggo dad wanted to get his rocks off and fill his little cumdump 😈

made by an amazing artist who will remain anonymous
#shota #furry #shotaxfurry #cumflation #cum_inflation

"Caught ya! You were humping your pillow again, weren't you?" #shota

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