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Regarding this announcement

Although I had to google translate it, but I think the point is:

1. Only realistic work is not allowed. So maybe I'm safe. (⁠・⁠_⁠・⁠;⁠)

2. I might need to correct some posts. But it was still vague. So I won't change anything until they tell me I need correction 💢.

In other word I will continue with my FANBOX as usual ^.^

But if you worried about this uncertainty, you can try my FANTIA:

Regarding this announcement, I believe there is not much detail yet to take a big decision. I'll wait for more detailed information from pixiv in December.

BUT in case fanbox really forbids me to post loli lewd, I'll probably still try to get around it with MEGA link. If MEGA link also not working, I'll send the link through email or discord. ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ

In the mean time, I'll also research Fantia and any other alternatives. ★~(◠‿◕✿)

I'm really fascinated by halloween.
Especially trick and treating culture.
Yet it didn't exist in my place :(

Anyway, I made an erotic short writing about loli succubus on Halloween night.

If you guys are interested, you can read it here

Anonymous request

Special versions and PSD found here:

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