Before & After- 4K

You can probably fill in the blanks yourself.

Hey guys, do me a favor and take down your CP trading contacts please? And stop posting real CP on these servers. You know who you are, and this will cause artists to lose their safe haven(s). Yeah, I'm not just talking about but all Mastodon servers being misused for CP content. What makes these servers so great in the first place is that artists can draw whatever they want without judgment. Let's not take that away from them, its reaaallly unfair. Do that business somewhere else.

Someone made the suggestion to put Hannah in a walking animation

I decided then to mess around with the cloth simulation in Daz to fix some issues i had with the past walking animations.

I used a really rushed cloth sim on the hair to give it realistic bounce( which isn't That great but a good starting point)
and on the see through skirt

I decided to keep her skin kinda moist because I like how the light from the IBL interacted with her skin



JJFrenchie's Fanny, reuploaded with fixes. I should have sat on this one longer.

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