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Ruru メイドの日2 | 雪璐 Sheru シェルル pixiv.net/artworks/81459301

Some of the movies on Netflix are just...fucking weird.

So what I'm saying is, it's like an oven in here.

Fucking hell, my "server room" feels like a sauna, but with less cool breezy air flowing past you, and more like a straight up oven.

Pumped Up Kicks (Medieval Style with Female Vocals - Original by Cornelius Link) | youtu.be/cRIfsFefatg

> decrypt.co/31522/crypto-brave-

Yeah, that's what you get for "trusting" any company -- or person for that matter -- with your privacy. Never, ever, trust anything your running on your computer/phone/whatever if you're serious about privacy; and that includes your OS.

Hmm, interesting. Disabling IntersectionObserver in Firefox prevents DevTools from functioning, specifically the Console and Network tab.

> Keybase joins Zoom