Dammit, every time I get an email about Firefox bug 1556212 I think there might've been work on it...but no, of course there hasn't.

> bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.

I wonder how it feels, to take the time to write up a fairly well structured and detailed bug report, only to get a notification about the bug's closure... To then look at the original bug report, and see it's been open for 1 year+, with fuck all happening since.

The only thing the Mozilla guys are doing is to discuss code and commit comments or other worthless shit, while the Tor team is the only ones actually giving a shit about privacy.

Then again, I guess they don't have much time to dedicate to such menial tasks. They've got to focus on implementing more ways to extract fingerprinting information about their users, sell ads, add new fancy bloat "addons" that you can't remove with a ballistic missile, etc.

LHCx @lhcx

"Oh but you can turn off telemetry," they say. Well, no you fucking can't, not in all configurations, at least. And that fucking "build ID" that even fucking Google had removed some time ago? Still there, because "our bug tracker uses it"... Yeah, fucking hell, I couldn't think of something more retarded even if I fucking tried.

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