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Holy crap, I'm getting fed up with Yandex's webmaster bullshit. "The main mirror for X has changed," for the 10^100'th bloody time. From https to http, then back to https, and so on. Like, I've already specif iced the main domain, and the http is permanently redirected to https, so what gives...

Fantastic, the comment I left on the video were silently deleted. What a shame, a true masterpiece it was as well, if I do say so myself. Lots of Shakespearian and other cringy terms to boot. Welp, just YouTube being the absolute fucking sticking shithole that it is.

Fuck me, if Markiplier isn't one huge fucking cuck. Shilling BLM... Of everything the bullshit in the world, he had to go there, didn't he. Welp, guess I should be thankful to finally get the push to have that pile of ass cleared out of my subscriptions list.

The cunts over at GoodReads actually went and removed the best review I've ever read on any site. Probably cause a bunch of assblasted snowflakes complained, which I know plenty did in the comments. I figure that's the case as the contents of the review was pretty colourful, let's say. Still, no major usage of cursing or other racist/sexist/whatever language, just hilarious while a true masterpiece of a review.

I wondered just why my Manga folder was so enormous. Turns out I had four copies of an older archive, at around 100G, each in random sub-folders... How'd I manage that, I wonder.

Light Novel Podcast Episode 32 Interview with Alex from Tentai Books | youtu.be/iNA4kbZ2VYU

空き地で七深ちゃんが壁に向かい立って何かしてたので注意しに行った | セネト pixiv.net/artworks/81820056

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Damn, there's so many torrents of series that I've wanted to rewatch that's just completely dead... Oh, well, I'm doing my part and seeding all my favourite shows that I've got, at least.

I got some pretty obscure and seemingly forgotten shows laying around. Who knows, maybe there's someone out there that would appreciate those olden animes.

> phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new

"Close source." Yeah, so completely uninteresting, then. If anything, this is just another attempt at lock in by Microshaft. Nope, we already got perfectly good working GPU libraries, OpenGL and Vulkan, so that's gonna be a hard no for me. at least.

It's almost impressive how retarded some people seem to be. Given the absolute lack of electrical activity in their peanut-sized brain of their, it's even more impressive they can even breathe.

I Showed YouTubers The Worst Anime Clips Ever - (ft Wolfychu, Emirichu, CDawgVA, Gibi ASMR etc) | youtu.be/3xSC6wXehuM

Light Novel Podcast Episode 31 Light Novel Licenses From April 2020 | youtu.be/hUXpKBMj4Qg