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Fascinating how YouShit hides videos that's been marked as being about the dreaded BeerVirus from the channel videos list, yet selecting to download every video from a channel with youtube-dl finds them just fine... Good job there, trying to hide those horrifying videos from the public's eye. Seriously, fuck you Alphabet.

Sure feels amazing to seed a torrent for months, with hundreds of gigabytes uploaded, and there's not a single seed but myself... Fuck all these ungrateful leeches.

> It’s okay to like Facebook
> If you still kinda like Facebook but don’t trust them, then try the Facebook Container extension by Firefox and make it harder for them to track you around the web.

Yo, Mozilla, that's like a step from saying a VPN will "make it impossible to track you" as some certain places and ads do. It won't do jack shit to sandbox cookies when they've got access to your browser fringerprint and location data. Fuck off with your bullshit.

I'm really digging Reborn Little Girl Won’t Give Up / Tensei Youjo wa Akiramenai / 転生幼女はあきらめない so far. It's quite light and fluffy so far, just what I need at this point in time.


Linux sure loves to swap shit, even though I've got like 20G still free... Why though? I've set the swappiness to a one and the piece of shit still finds it okay to swap to my SSD partition. Hanako-kun didn't quite hold up. The story felt kinda meh, and a bit all over. I assume the original were more fleshed out and they just did the usual, cut out a ton to make it fit.

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So, everyone's suddenly talking about , and how shit they are, eh? Well yes, Mozilla is shit -- they've been for a long time -- but the browser itself is still better than the pile of dogshit that is the Chromium base. Not that being better than the code equivalent to literal shit is much to celebrate, I guess.

First episode of Hanako-san is off to a good start. Let's hope it holds up.

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I really need to get back into Shield Bro. Except for the grammar errors in the translation, it was really damn solid. Though I wasn't huge on the MC getting chummy with the other heroes, given what massive cunts they've been since the beginning.

How would one translate "Let'er rip, just slam your humongous black cock right in there," into mandarin? Exactly as stated. Asking for a friend.

I'm done with "community" shit. Fuck the community, and fuck the humourless fucks in the community.

【オリジナルMV】「恋愛サーキュレーション」歌ってみた【神楽めあ】 |

[Ochame Kinou] hololive Fukkireta Chorus [24 VTubers] |

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