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The fucknuckles that run the centres _have_ to be aware their customers are all a bunch of raging retards. God damn Digital Ocean is absolute shit in that regard; and the morons over at AS197226 must've had their brains ejected through their skulls by way of neutron explosion -- given the rate they let their customers have connections made, without bothering to flag them.

Wish I could just have certain datacentres spontaneously explode, and whoever the cunts are that's constantly letting their fucking servers be infected with these shitty exploit scanning pieces of shit.

Somehow, Amazon has managed to respond to my support ticket, saying I haven't even ordered the item their own help desk prompts to select... That's a new one, for sure.

> homophobic
> using quotation marks instead of the much superior meme arrows

Also, fuck off.

I thought Saving 80k Gold had been dropped almost, but now I saw Sol Press' last update say vol. 2 is "preparing for QA" so I guess at least _something's_ happening. Even the web novel's still going, it seems, so that nice.

> That patch looks like a crude hack.

I can't imagine getting a better review for a random, on the spot, created patch I put about 3 minutes into writing.

Country Roads but it's CYBERPUNK/INDUSTRIAL/SCI-FI wtf | youtu.be/u1_dy1EmV6w

I mean, I don't really see why you'd not just use GitHub, or GitLab, or something like that directly. The "learning" curve _really_ isn't that high for a Git workflow, and with the plethora of tools available, and the insane amount of guides available, it's about perfect.

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> The Asterisk War LN Audiobook

Really now? They actually do audio books, too?

> this is a fan production

...Oh no...

> and like all the individual chapters in the playlist


Sweet Mother of Jebus, it's...not as bad as I'd expected... Still, no _good_ either, but less terrible than I'd prepared myself for.


...Well, here's hoping shit might get done by the end of *next* year.