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It's been 3 months since my trip to Japan and...

Oh Japan, I seriously miss you...

One day I will return.

Reminder that Midna is super small and I want to fuck her.

The local timeline is moving too fast!
No one will notice that I want to fuck Midna!

It's been 1 month and half since I returned from Japan and still can't stop thinking about it...

My trip to Japan was really magical, and I can't wait to repeat it in the future.

Reason #9854 Why Japan is an Awesome place:

Anime related buses.

Such a shame I couldn't ride this T_T!

Woow, I'm allowed to tweet Shoujo Ramune gifs here!

To all the people that is making accounts on Pawoo...

Remember that you can use halcyon.osa-p.net/ to make your Pawoo looks like Twitter!

I don't have followers here but... Remember that you can use " halcyon.osa-p.net/ " to make Pawoo look like Twitter!

One of my favorite photos of the trip of Japan.

The 2 are my friends just looking at a restaurant, but it has such a feeling...

My figures with the morning light looks ominous lol