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Oh, much of the first half-hour of was silence, apparently. Didn't miss much, then. ^^;

Welp, fell asleep and missed , /and/ the first half-hour of . (>_<) Tuned in to find Peter talking about Mastodon. Spreading the word~. Need to listen to the start later.

Wasn't expecting a terrorist incident to occur in France on the first day of my holiday here. :-(

The first round of the French Presidential election is on Sunday. I find it fascinating.


あ、このアニメの日本語名前は「太陽の子エステバン 」です。

Oh, the Japanese title of this anime (known in English as The Mysterious Cities of Gold) is Taiyou no Ko Esuteban, which literally translates as Esteban, Child of the Sun. TIL.

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Someday we will find the Cities of Gold~♪

(In the meantime, I found this!)

I ate okonomiyaki at the Wagamama at Gatwick Airport. So delicious!



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It's my birthday today.
So of course I have to listen to this song.


Oh yeah, a couple of days ago, I created a bot so you can track the British Pound (inspired by the JPY account on Twitter):
Rather interesting fluctuations today as the Prime Minister calls for a general election.

Looks like we might be getting a general election later this year! :-O And we were thinking 2017 was going to be boring…

Apologies, fellow Pawoo users, but if you're following me in hopes of Japanese art, you've come to the wrong place.

On the other hand, if you're looking for the ramblings of a baka gaijin who can't even speak Japanese properly (and isn't even bothering to right now), then carry on, I guess.

I've been trying to find a way to forward my toots to my Twitter account. Some people are using IFTTT, but that won't handle mentions. I'd ideally like a solution that doesn't require me to have a running server process. Maybe I'll re-host the Atom feed with the necessary modifications.

Ah, I see the new series of Better Call Saul is underway. Gotta find a way to watch it. Unfortunately, all the services that I know have it use DRM. I don't mind DRM so much if I can easily crack it. Unfortunately, that is not the case here.

Maybe I'll just wait for the DVD…

Such a kawaii afternoon~

Wonder what happens if I try uploading a video…
(Note to self: Pawoo seems to have a file size limit of 8MB.)
Also, Goro 4 lyfe!

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