I took part to an event in a Discord server. I ended up drawing twitter.com/cat_citrus's OC Nyx.

Mei is happy to see you.

Please, don't put her in the cannon.

Inspired by Ryu's (twitter.com/garyu410) comic and Waterflame's track "Color Blockade" (youtube.com/watch?v=I6PUA5mv1k), I wanted to make an idol OC.

Since Nexpill (twitter.com/Nexpill) drew something for me, I wanted to pay him back by drawing his OC Pillbot.

My goodness, this dude is ripped.

Between one workday and another, I took a break with a sketch of alfa995 's (twitter.com/alfa995) Doe.

Ruuku (twitter.com/kayama_akimaru) walking on the beach at sunset.

I put a little more effort here because it was the 7th fan art I made for her, which is a lucky number, so...

I'm not particularly happy with how the sea looks tho, and I'd really enjoy a good tutorial.

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