Why am I seeing doll-like gayish young men in trends on Twitter?

Who the heck Jimin/Jungook are? Really tired of people writting about them all the time.

Would never imagine this fanart of mine would exceed 300 favs, thanks, guys!

Wishing all the best to my daddy for his bday.

Me using a modem mode on my phone: getting it turned off 30 minutes later.
Me stopping using a modem mode on my phone: having to turn it off by myself.

As you all know, I am not an English native speaker since I am not from UK or another country with English being widespread, so I used to study English as a foreign language.
I just wonder... we were taught, for example, to say "chicken" as "a hen/rooster hatchling", and now everyone is saying "chicken" on both hatchlings, males and females.

Why Thierry Mariani, a French deputy, hates us - Ukrainians - so badly that he supports Putin's war crimes?

We are yet to have following Elite Four specialists in Pokemon games:
1. Normal Type.
2. Grass Type.
3. Electric Type.
4. Fairy Type.
Alola era games provided us duplicated Elite 4 members, while Galar is the only core region without Elite 4 - which makes it harder.

Many fans compare Dialga with Dio from JJBA because of Time Stop ability (Dialga did that in PMD 2), still forgetting Giorno, Diavollo, Pucci and Kira being able to use time-control abilities too.

Happy Constitution Day, homelanders!

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