I did some panel rearranging on csp and so, now I'm trying to work with it! Live now πŸ”΄ twitch.tv/konapple

Despite of being in vm, csp worked nicely today! ✨ have been having ill-feeling towards w1ndβ—‹ws since last year but perhaps it can work somewhat now? 😣

Thank you for coming and see you next time!

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@Feddylain i've tried on wine but it has strange flickering issue, seems to be a common issue. I'd like to give it more time perhaps, maybe at some point it will be platinum?

My best opt atm is to use Krita as I've been using so far, or use vm for csp. But it is terrible how often the drivers crash and makes everything stops working I have to reboot. I cannot seem to pinpoint the cause. πŸ˜” my strongest suspicion is issue with windows drivers, sigh. 😣

@Feddylain but thank you very much for the link, much appreciated! πŸ’›

@Feddylain i mean, how often the pen/ software crash and just stop working, i suspect it is drivers issue. But i have yet to find anyone with similar issues. πŸ˜“

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