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I'm opening ko-fi doodles! Feel free to write one (1) of your favourite animal/creature on the message when you tip and I'll doodle one for you :3 Doodles will be simple and monochrome.


Art peek 1371 ✨ a slightly nsfw piece, it was so fun to make!

Art peek 1370 ✨ Just like yesterday, this was done with gradient map!

Art peek 1369 - streamed! Thanks for coming! ヽ(・∀・)ノ

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In the past dew days I could only whip out sketches so these peeks are mostly unfinished. Hopefully tomorrow the creative juice comes back stronger! ヾ(。><)シ

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Discovering a hiding Daisy Fairy 🌼 (December 2021)

5. i may: post on both, post on one of these account and use boost on the other one, or i dunno? what can be done? XD

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4. i may seem like overreacting but i already maintain bunch of sns accounts, and they are quite a work _(:'3_/ )L i've gone to uninstalling all sns apps from my phone for notification-less life away from my pc; so i'll think about this myself to sleep.

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3. for me this pawoo and that dot art feels like two separate accounts; and me learning more about mastodon - surprised that there is a migration option. from what i understand, if i migrate to dot art, it means i'm going to nuke my pawoo - which i'd like not to. so, while i already have account at dot art, i'm not going to post there yet. i'll give it a few days to think.

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some thoughts:
1. some artists that i followed on bird app made an account on mastodon dot art and so i wanted to follow them here too, but it went through "approval" first? i then took my time reading dot art's terms and such, and turns out pawoo is one of the instances that they "limit". i wonder why?
2. so today i also made dot art account, but i don't want to abandon this pawoo account. i wonder if there is any way to mirror these accounts from different instances together?

Art peek 1357 ~ 1360! ✨

I have been taking a break from social networks - so the daily art peeks will be compiled in every few days. Thanks for understanding :chobi1:

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