SadPanda is back up! But what if it goes down again D:

I made a simple AutoHotKey script for those of us with Multi Page Viewer enabled on SadPanda to automatically download

It's a pleb approach to all of those out there with better webdev or programming skills, but it's quick and easy for any Windows user if your favorite doujin(s) don't have a torrent - you can download them in just a few minutes rather than spend hours right clicking and saving!

Hope that helps!

I just spent 5 hours and 45 minutes troubleshooting DNS records to a cloudIDE and damn that was some weird shit.

There's only one thing any lawmaker, regulator, or bureaucrat needs to know about this topic.

Laws and protocols that abridge the rights of artist takes the blame off actual child molesters and places it onto works of fiction.

Civil rights and freedom of expression are worth fighting for, and we should fight against the current language in the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child needs to change.

Let's stop this together.

They forgot to rename Shokaku to Seppuku in this patch of WoWS.

There's so many amazing people who really aren't recognized for what they do.

At some point that has to be okay and you need to like what you make.

Getting money is helpful but after you're at a financially stable point you have to do with your limited time what you want to do.

If a school girl is standing up to fight you, you need to consider if you have actually become evil.

Status desktop looks like an interesting replacement for slack.

The cool thing about all this decentralized tech is that it never will go away. Like IRC or pleroma the protocol can be picked up and used by anyone?

This stuff is so cool and even though I am just learning programing, I am deeply interested in doing decentralized programming for the rest of my life.

I wonder if making a pleroma instance would be a fun project after I study node? I'm learning jQuery right now, but it's all front end.

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