@kevinliu5605 It's like looking into the mirror and seeing your other self.

@kevinliu5605 At least Ee can enjoy himself. If you know what I mean. 😆

@kevinliu5605 So cute... <33 I wanna smooch both of them! ///

@kevinliu5605 So cute, I want to cuddle with them with my hugs & kisses. 😘

@kevinliu5605 I love your boys! But be careful. I asked Pawoo support if i could post uncensored stuff, and they told me that they apply the same rules as Pixiv. I'm gonna move to Baraag because it has no restrictions with drawings (human and cub).

@hitsunekun oh! Thanks for telling me! Alright, i might have to censor it afterwards :p

@kevinliu5605 No problem! baraag.net/ The good thing is that people using Pawoo can follow your Baraag account without having to make an account there. Thank you for following me back!

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