A whole week without internet what an ugly experience...
Still trying to pick what anime to watch this season and honestly I may end up watching just Azur Lane despite not playing the game or have any interest in warship history

White haired girls are my weakness and theres so much of them there..

the worst is yet to come, no more long holidays until I end my semester
Believe me boys, if you are in college never try to complete 2 projects in the same semester

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what happened to hours ago is so sad, 40 years of works thrown into the trash
Out of all the polemic shit he has written he gets fired over some meme case, I doubt the FSF will continue being something I was proud of following
Heading to bed right now to see if the pain naturally goes away...

have I uploaded NSFW art here before? I think Im gonna start

Finally recognized my drawing is actually girl
She looks very pale tho

Few days ago I went to a small networking talk, the expositors were local people that would show their innovations and see if they could get employees/investors for their projects I guess
Shit was so uncomfortable, the only souls I could feel a connection with were the expositors that blamed the local industry for their poor conditions and desperate need for "innovation"
I left early before public transport stopped, the amount of pretty cars parked outside reminded me that I dont belong there ha

I learned to use a drill on metal
I think Im ready to build my future house from scratch
my only problem is the bathroom

This semester I have to take mostly management classes, fuck IT as a career and fuck me for choosing a local college to study
Hope these 6 months advance as fast as my 22 years of life

waaah doesnt even recognize my drawing well
did I told you that I love flowers? I wish I could raise some but climate here is shit and I dont have time or space to waste

Despite feeling great about being able to see pics drawn but my fav artists, its kinda hard for me to fully enjoy it considering they keep getting better day by day while I still struggle to draw for a straight hour while being miles behind their level
Maybe I should drop one of my hobbies

Does anyone listen to nightcore here? Not my cup of tea but still, there are certain latino music I really enjoy when speeded up
Now here comes the weird part, most listeners to this latino nightcore seem to be underage otaku(?) girls, I doubt they even hit 15 because of the cringe comments
Guess Im a little girl inside

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20 years ago: I wanna live in the big city!

10 years ago: Maybe somewhere on the outskirts will do?

today: Do they have a cabin in the woods with high-speed Internet?

Drawing on a whiteboard is so much fun, its so easy to erase and no matter how many times you do it the surface is never damaged
Also its so big I can actually use my whole arm to draw

I still cant believe is dead, an international network of piracy lost in just 12 hours
not just the community and database system, but actual content that was hosted there and nowhere else...

if you have ever taken a look at the spanish side of youtube you may notice theres plenty of videos featuring random characters dancing cumbia or just OP and ED remixes
Welp, some people watch it for fun but I unironically enjoy those (along with the originak creators of course)
If I ever do a drawing livestream someday I will make sure to play cumbia in the background

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