a sketch to not be ignored (as if it was possible)

did pawoo get banned from the play store? I cant find it to auto update

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In support of Richard M. Stallman 

I have signed an open letter in support of Richard M. Stallman. While I would have preferred different phrasing, I agree with the message and wish to voice my support in face of the ongoing cyberbullying campaign.

For those who don’t know, Richard Stallman, founder of the free software movement and foundation, has resigned from his position of the latter’s president in 2019, following a rather ugly medial campaign against him. Now, in 2021, he has announced his return to the foundation’s board of directors, which has prompted massive outrage of people calling for his removal, as best seen in this open letter against him.

While I don’t find anyone’s removal necessary, I believe that some valid concerns are being raised, in regard to both Stallman and the foundation’s handling of the issue, and I hope to see them addressed. However, the letter against him does not give these concerns the clear voice they deserve; instead, it gives voice to specious accusations based on lies and deliberate misinterpretations.

For example, it accuses him of ableism for stating that people with Down’s syndrome should not be treated as pets, and accuses him of transphobia for writing guidelines where he encourages contributors to ‘treat other participants with respect’, ‘call them by the names they use, and honor their preferences about their gender identity’, using his favourite neopronoun as an example. (There’s no other mention of these guidelines as something good he’s done.)

This is not factual criticism; this is just misleading libel, and using it to call others out for ‘impropriety’, or even ‘hurtful and dangerous ideology’, is simple hypocrisy. Reading the list of signatures has made me lose a lot of respect for many individuals and organisations I used to look up to (in particular Mozilla and Tor Project).

Some individuals told me they have signed the letter in spite of the libel, since they had more legitimate reasons of their own. While it’s comforting to learn of those motivations, I don’t think they’ve made the right decision. When you sign a letter, you’re not just expressing support for its stated, intended effect; you’re expressing support for the whole message, which lends it more weight to achieve the intended effect, as well as any other effects the letter may have.

Please don’t lend your support to libel and misinformation: nothing good can come from those, they don’t deserve your name underneath them, and surely your name deserves better, too. The end can not justify the means when the means are supposed to justify the end. It is for this reason I wish to oppose the ongoing campaign and support Richard Stallman.

#lang_en #FreeSoftware #FSF #RMS :gnu:

my feed has been constantly filling with tech stuff instead of smut, certainly a step on the right direction but not to where I want to be

years until I get enough money for my graphic tablet: 1
the nearest I have ever been 😥

#nsfw #oppailoli 

's find edges filter works great
adds a lot of noise but at least it removes the shadows that taking a photo implies
do you like my oppai lolis? I do

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This stream is amazing if you are into animation and an english speaker

lmao hard at Twitter + Facebook ban of NY Post article about Biden's emails
like, can you be even more descarado (lol)
I wonder if this will increase the number of mastodon's users, does anyone know any instances that dont ban you for calling someone autistic or sharing "plandemic" information?
Imageboards are not an option

I tried to draw a loli Kaga (azur lane) for forgot about her character design midway (pun intended)
Posting anyway because I have been painfully inactive here pawoo.net/media/m_SaoiMv3BPCIF

The amount of food I have consumed vs The amount of energy I really need to survive in this quarantine are so uneven it makes me feel bad and guilty
To turn earth's precious resources and animal's lives into just shit is such a waste

Just so you all know I release all my drawings under the GPL license
The only true license that protects intellectual property

just ended watching Hanasaku Iroha
Cute anime and even cuter girls, tasty fanservice and really heartwarming
Ohana was a bit of a mary sue so here is a pic of her tasting a dick
(I still dont want to ever work on a blue collar job) pawoo.net/media/IVfp7hD6QF93zM

Im going to stop using the word "school/college/etc" and instead use the term "education center", slowly I will make it natural to have the term "re-education center" near discussions about educational institutions, the idea sounds funny as hell
Fuck market-driven education

I have been trying to update the anime Im watching rn through the pawoo app but I cant
Just informing you all Im watching Oregairu s3, although I have been spoilered already
Im sorry I dont read LNs, if I wanted to see letters I would have picked writing as a hobby

do you think that if I give up and let globalism take over the world will they give me free housing and food so I could spend the rest of my life drawing morally gray porn?
Im this close to sign in into my gmail and just use windows

These online classes are the exact same thing than normal classes but better since I actually spend less time and money on transportation and food, I even heat my own food with the headphones on!
Corona-chan is truly a blessing for neets

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