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This stream is amazing if you are into animation and an english speaker

lmao hard at Twitter + Facebook ban of NY Post article about Biden's emails
like, can you be even more descarado (lol)
I wonder if this will increase the number of mastodon's users, does anyone know any instances that dont ban you for calling someone autistic or sharing "plandemic" information?
Imageboards are not an option

I tried to draw a loli Kaga (azur lane) for forgot about her character design midway (pun intended)
Posting anyway because I have been painfully inactive here pawoo.net/media/m_SaoiMv3BPCIF

The amount of food I have consumed vs The amount of energy I really need to survive in this quarantine are so uneven it makes me feel bad and guilty
To turn earth's precious resources and animal's lives into just shit is such a waste

Just so you all know I release all my drawings under the GPL license
The only true license that protects intellectual property

just ended watching Hanasaku Iroha
Cute anime and even cuter girls, tasty fanservice and really heartwarming
Ohana was a bit of a mary sue so here is a pic of her tasting a dick
(I still dont want to ever work on a blue collar job) pawoo.net/media/IVfp7hD6QF93zM

Im going to stop using the word "school/college/etc" and instead use the term "education center", slowly I will make it natural to have the term "re-education center" near discussions about educational institutions, the idea sounds funny as hell
Fuck market-driven education

I have been trying to update the anime Im watching rn through the pawoo app but I cant
Just informing you all Im watching Oregairu s3, although I have been spoilered already
Im sorry I dont read LNs, if I wanted to see letters I would have picked writing as a hobby

do you think that if I give up and let globalism take over the world will they give me free housing and food so I could spend the rest of my life drawing morally gray porn?
Im this close to sign in into my gmail and just use windows

These online classes are the exact same thing than normal classes but better since I actually spend less time and money on transportation and food, I even heat my own food with the headphones on!
Corona-chan is truly a blessing for neets

I have been in voluntary quarantine for more than 20 years, coronavirus is nothing but a rock in my road
Unless the cytokine storm kicks in, I really want to buy a hazmat suit not for its benefits but because its damn cool

woah I have not been here in months, anyway theres a good (bad?) sanitary reason for that we all know about
I slacked off in my drawing and didnt improve, I will hardly get time to draw more but I guess thats just how things are pawoo.net/media/-2HhJWef92qGx9

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Handy tip for #ArchLinux users: find out which packages use up the most disk space:

pacman -Qi | egrep '^(Name|Installed)' | cut -f2 -d':' | paste - - | column -t | sort -nrk 2 | grep MiB

What are your top 5?

I know nobody cares but I will be super busy this week so no drawings or posts for a while, so sorry!

Its literally been just 48 hours into 2020 and I already want to dieeeee

happy new year to everyone! heres one of my sketchbook's pages
Of course the quality of the picture is shit as I only have my phone to take photos
I have an old ass scanner too but Im not sure if it works at all, Im gonna check it later pawoo.net/media/Y4xyE8rYWHtjDS

I will post a couple of pages of my new sketchbook once Im done with my christmas housework, sometimes I wish to live alone and just indulge in cheap entertainment and waste my life away, on a scale from 0 to 10 how dumb do I sound?

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