These online classes are the exact same thing than normal classes but better since I actually spend less time and money on transportation and food, I even heat my own food with the headphones on!
Corona-chan is truly a blessing for neets

I have been in voluntary quarantine for more than 20 years, coronavirus is nothing but a rock in my road
Unless the cytokine storm kicks in, I really want to buy a hazmat suit not for its benefits but because its damn cool

woah I have not been here in months, anyway theres a good (bad?) sanitary reason for that we all know about
I slacked off in my drawing and didnt improve, I will hardly get time to draw more but I guess thats just how things are

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Handy tip for #ArchLinux users: find out which packages use up the most disk space:

pacman -Qi | egrep '^(Name|Installed)' | cut -f2 -d':' | paste - - | column -t | sort -nrk 2 | grep MiB

What are your top 5?

I know nobody cares but I will be super busy this week so no drawings or posts for a while, so sorry!

Its literally been just 48 hours into 2020 and I already want to dieeeee

happy new year to everyone! heres one of my sketchbook's pages
Of course the quality of the picture is shit as I only have my phone to take photos
I have an old ass scanner too but Im not sure if it works at all, Im gonna check it later

I will post a couple of pages of my new sketchbook once Im done with my christmas housework, sometimes I wish to live alone and just indulge in cheap entertainment and waste my life away, on a scale from 0 to 10 how dumb do I sound?

I just filled my 2nd sketchbook woohoo
Its been 3(?) years since I started to take this hobby seriously, and by "seriously" I mean at least 1 hour of drawing everyday
To check how bad I used to draw a year ago compared to how I draw now is kinda inspiring but a bit disappointing too since I have not improved as much as I liked
anyway, in this road theres only forward since Im planning to leave!

does someone else get angry when you see greentext arrows outside imageboards?
I seethe to no end
On protest I will start quoting text on reverse
< like this

In case any of you guys are worried about my safety as a chilean, here in my city (which is not Santiago) everything has been peaceful aside from a daily supermarket almost-getting burnt
water, electricity and food (a little bit overpriced) have been up 24/7

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do you think this counts as a proper drawing? I have been fully practicing on paper recently, also my 3rd drawing notebook is about to end!

I just noticed I have never shared (or cant remember) making posts on social media about what I eat, am I doing social media wrong?
also, how do you choose which tags to use? something like


I had to make a twitter in order to keep up with news about my local supermarkets, post office and favorite retailers...
when did things go so wrong :(
I came to the internet in order to meet people, not to become an outcast again

Good artists should be careful about voicing their political opinions
Since Im a shitty one Im gonna say the K-word

Kast 2020

A whole week without internet what an ugly experience...
Still trying to pick what anime to watch this season and honestly I may end up watching just Azur Lane despite not playing the game or have any interest in warship history

White haired girls are my weakness and theres so much of them there..

the worst is yet to come, no more long holidays until I end my semester
Believe me boys, if you are in college never try to complete 2 projects in the same semester