I'm getting close to 1000 followers. When I hit that number I will draw something special for baraag! Please help decide what to draw with the poll below! Poll is open for the maximum of 7 days.

shota noncon 

i dont think i ever posted this shinji here?

the kind of pictures my OC family has in their private family photo album 🫣 #nsfw #shota #dadson #originalcharacter

Sometimes a "friendly neighborhood pedophile" just has to throw caution to the wind, drag the boy he's been teasing out of the community pool, and throw him up against the glass doors to deep-dick his tight, willing, nine-year-old little asshole.

Sure, anyone could come down the stairs any minute and catch him in the act of buggering a child.

But a good little cock-pleaser like Noah's happy to help, if his "special friend" needs to get off urgently...

#Daz3D #shota #CGI #Copperfield3D

Jack from A Touch of Blue in the Stars~
A commission for Anonymous. Thanks for the support!

Sterling Archer--world's most dangerous spy. 🍸🕵️🍸

he is working his body (commission)
thank you so much for all the support n_n

I drew this for bestie, but I'm sure there's enough place on his lap for the 3 of us 😏✨
#Bara #Muscle #Yato #Noragami

Are you ready to exercise? :blobsweat:

Starting tomorrow, I'll be posting Ding Fit videos, I really hope you look forward to them!

#shota #shotacon #bara #incest #exercise #3D #yaoi #gay #DingFit

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