💛Leo (Sirius's OC)
I really enjoyed drawing him
I love him uwu

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@incestart thank youuuuuu, so very much. He looks amazing. You did an incredible job with him he's so hot

💛 awww my pleasure~
I feel in love with Leo uwu
I think Leo and Sebas should meet 😋💦😈

@incestart @sirius1696 Great job, I like how you drew his face and his hair, and his muscles are great. Really hard to resist a dick like that, not even mentioning the rest of him :blobamused: :blobdrool:

@Anonymous72 @sirius1696
Thank u 😁😆
Im glad ya like it 😋💦

@incestart @sirius1696 Leo has to be one of the best boys and he can top any boy he has.... now i can think something to top with my boy 😏😏

@cbalbuena099 @sirius1696
Lol you're right >:3
He's hot and good top 😋💦

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