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Voretober day 5!

A commission for Wheatleythesnowyowl. He's been trying to teach Wirvla how to be a pred -- whether she's willing or not -- and has just forced her to swallow a prey. Of course, he's not going to let himself go hungry either!

I'm not the greatest at drawing wings, but I did my best!

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The Stellaris Space Springhare mod, version 0.2.0, is released! Would you play the Springhares trying to make a new home, or would you rather root them out their burrows like the vermin/prey they are?

I had this account kind of forgotten x3 I should post more stuff here.

Hello everyone

I'm gonna turn this into a laptop sticker at some point <3

I heard you like hard kaizo styled levels. Have one.

Kaizo styled water level. 2 checkpoints.

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#introduction Hi there! Introduction, I guess! I'm hoping to actually be social here in a way that I haven't been on Twitter.

I'm male (even though the "mascot" for my accounts is a female rabbit), happily married, and work in IT. As a hobby, I like to #draw and #write, mostly #furry #vore stuff. My art isn't always "sfw", but it's also never explicit (PG-13 at most.) Expect a lot of character-focused worldbuilding.

Talk to me about #vore or #videogames, or whatever else you might want.


So many ideas, so little time and stamina

It's always strange to find yourself blocked by people you never ever interacted with before.

.... and being told by a blocklist twitter account that I'm not on any blocklists.

Happy 10th anniversary, Explorers of Sky!

記念日おめでとう ポケモン不思議のダンジョン 空の探検隊!


I'm so hungry I'd swallow all the inhabitants of a city.

I think I'll do exactly that.

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I noticed that the block is only for media, not for everything. Still, it doesnt change much my previous toot.

I'm off to bed anyways. I'm kinda late bc I was slower than expected, but I'm gonna work this monday and tuesday.

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lmao has pawoo blocked because of "illegal content". This is ridiculous, but hey

Their server, their lives. In any case, if I have to recommend people to join I'll avoid suggesting that server and I'll opt for some other. If they're into vore I'll probs recommend or here itself, even if most of the timeline is in japanese.

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