Looks like's domain is suspended… from Epik, the infamous free speech registrar. Quite an achievement, that is. We've contacted them for details and are awaiting their response.

Oh well, like I told before there. Look like we already got a good number of enemies that really wanted the instance down and they just continue attacking us and will continue until the site is 100% dead. I guess the actual solution will be to start fresh but found a way to make the instance 100% private and make the other instance to not be able to look our messages

@norkwood @Jollyloli we should have checked the registry's AUP before registering, however, we just checked now: and the only thing vaguely applicable here is “images of child abuse”. We never had any of those, but it's possible to interpret kodocon hentai as an “image of child abuse” so I suppose it's not impossible

@hentaidotbaby When you finally get caught for distributing child porn, a lot worse is gonna happen to you. You might wanna consider ending it all before you get sent to pound-your-ass prison and subjected to rough justice by Bubba.

@ChristiJunior As much as you wanna see me get fucked in the ass, unfortunately for you I have never distributed CP and don't plan on starting.

@hentaidotbaby @ChristiJunior christijunior should learn how to speak to his betters. which is to say - hentai baby and its admins are better then @ChristiJunior

@ChristiJunior @hentaidotbaby
TLD xyz is the same company as the registrar as dot baby. Neckbeard will probably be next.

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