Also, just to clear up any possible confusion: as far as we know, the pigs were not involved in this situation. This shutdown was by a private company, not any sort of law enforcement.

Happy belated Halloween! Did you enjoy the blood?

Please remember to archive any posts you care about, locally, but also on, because the site ( / hentai5adaajzzu2lv3kxniuxyyn2r ) will go down at some point soon.

What's next? We have backups, so we are considering hosting a read-only archive on another server.

So long, and thanks for all the fish! What little time we had with you, we enjoyed greatly, and we hope you had as much fun particpating in the site as we did running it.

Future plans we make will be announced here, if any. ☮️

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If you need help finding another instance, feel free to DM us and we'll try our best. Pawoo and baraag are safe bets though. >

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We'll be keeping up the site on both and hentai5adaajzzu2lv3kxniuxyyn2r for now, but we won't be renewing the VPS. This means you'll have until around 2021-11-01 to pack your bags and find another instance, if you haven't already. >

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We've kept the site up, but it just doesn't feel the same anymore. Part of that is due to poor communication on our part: we should have set up and outlined backup channels like this one so you'd know what's going on. But what's done is done now. >

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Just heard back from the registry again. Under their interpretation, h.b's hentai did indeed violate their policy on "images of child abuse" and the domain will not be un-suspended. >

update: the .baby registry got back to us:

> This domain has been flagged for violating our anti-abuse policies, specifically visual representations, such as drawings, cartoons, or paintings that appear to depict minors engaged in sexual activity

They have no policies against such content, only against "child pornography or any images of child abuse", which we strictly moderated. We wrote back for clarification and are waiting for their response now.

update: it was not Epik that suspended us, it was their bosses at the .baby registry. While we believe in good faith that we did not violate the .baby policies, hope has gone down a bit 📉

Looks like's domain is suspended… from Epik, the infamous free speech registrar. Quite an achievement, that is. We've contacted them for details and are awaiting their response.


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