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Watermelons are awesome! スイカがすごい!

> The story takes place in the Paradise Hospital, the forefront of elderly treatment. As a result of the founder's retirement, the two heirs cannot agree on which uniform the nurses should wear—one having a miko style, the other having a nun style. Caught up in the fierce debate is Tatsuya Makishima, a doctor-in-training.

Japanese VNs are so deep.

@sylveon Imagine watching the butcher sharpen the knife and think "lol pig #3 is such an asshole, he had it coming, I, pig #4, am so much more loved and virtuous and farmer will always protect me"
Everyone alwaus bully @ffs because she is not afraid to post in her Hijab.

Please BOOST this TOOT if you think Muslimah Women deserve a safe place on Fediverse Mozilla supports DNT, and if you don't support it, Mozilla tracks you. Mozilla supports LGBT, and if you don't support it... well, for now you are safe, unless you are Brendan Eich. I propose DNTv2: Instead of sending a simple "DNT: 1", the users will also have to send their full names and government-issued ID numbers with every HTTP request. Only after that their tracking preference should be honored. Those who do not wish to provide their identity and do not want to be tracked are very likely to be malicious hackers, so DNTv2 will make the internet safer for everyone.

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