@druid @halki man i can't wait until i can look at anime tummies at work without shame
Yeah but now you're too ashamed to even call me your brother on fedi because your future employers see it....
@druid @karen @halki >giving your fedi account to employers

that was the first mistake
I mean her resume had "pleroma dev" on it, it was directly relevant

Besides, they seem cool
@halki @karen
@druid @wowaname @halki yeah honestly everyone who i've talked to so far has been really nice
@wowaname @druid @halki they found it themselves!

or maybe they got it from the pleroma devs lol
@wowaname @druid @halki @karen that's why you create a twitter account under your real name and when your work doxxes you they'll just find that real twitter account
@druid @halki @karen @wowaname ya. That's what I'm going to do. Fortunately the job that I hold currently didn't ask for a background check
@karen @druid @halki its what makes working at home difficult lol. i ended up setting up various blockers and blacklists to try to stay focused
@piggo @druid @halki i usually have a seperate workspace where i only keep work stuff, worked pretty well so far

we'll see if i become a coffee shop resident in the future lol
This is why we have a study!

Also lmao nice job tagging the Japanese guy
@druid @piggo that was you who tagged him to begin with!!