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Speaking of decentralized social network I wonder what went wrong with my login. On Diaspora I could register on one pod but still able to login anywhere. I had a problem doing that with Friendica where I could only login on the instance I registered to, not others. This one acts like that too. I registered on other instance before this but I still need to register another account on this one

Too bad there's no edit option for posted status, which makes this almost as bad as Diaspora. I hope some devs will put it there. This is open source after all.

I've never heard of Mastodon before, or maybe I did but the only decentralized social network I've really paid attention to before was Friendica and Diaspora. Now I wonder how do I delete my account in the event where I need to leave this network? I don't see such option anywhere, or was it disabled?

So here I am. Sadly there's no way to curate lists for people I follow (something that works like G+ circles).