Anyone have any thoughts on the idea of spider scorpions that can fly?

Sometimes I wonder if Electron (it's ease of use + horrible memory resource issues) is really just a ploy to drive users to running apps in browser tabs, all to benefit ChromeBooks and ChromeOS. #conspiracytheory

Additional known issue: PvP status messages appear with formatting issues to the person who changed PvP status and may appear blank to other players.

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Current status:

1. Most things work.
2. Some OTAPI functionality does not (SendData may lockup), Hooks.World.Statue may break.
3. Chinese character input is not working correctly on macOS + Linux (PR in the works and waiting on testing/merge).
4. Recursive assembly loading is still finicky (PR in the works and waiting on testing/merge).

As of this time of writing, the latest build is at:

Remember to backup worlds and databases before testing.

If you're a mastodon server owner and you're blocking pawoo, imho, you're segregating the entire network a ton. Defeats the point.

So what happens if you try to reach someone from an instance that blocked the instance you're on (e.g.,

cc @nolan

I don't think anyone has really expressed it, but I hate svn. Trying to use svn after using git is like pulling teeth.

1. svn log only returns the log for the current directory, and does so in reverse chronological order instead of going to more.
2. svn add errors out if you try to add a file already in svn.
3. svn commit will commit changes but you have to svn update in order to see your own changes in the log.
4. svn merge has to specify start and end revisions AND point at a remote path.

Note: If you're having trouble starting your server because you can't input Chinese characters, you can definitely start the server with command line flags! Try that!

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Current status:

1. Chinese input happens on macOS & Linux at the server prompt seemingly at random.
2. SmartText construction is probably still wrong.
3. ServerBroadcast hook doesn't work.

Latest download link:

The current list of ways something can get into the federated timeline:

- someone from your server is following that user
- someone from your server replied to that user
- someone from your server is following someone who replied to that user
- someone from your server liked/boosted it
- someone from your server copy/pasted the link into the search box, causing the server to load it

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Current status of and


1. Deleting worlds now works on macOS and Linux (thanks DeathCradle).
2. ChatAboveHeads works (thanks White).
3. /me works (thanks White).
4. Smart text is still not built properly.
5. OnServerBroadcast hook is still not fired.
6. ChatText packet is not deprecated or worked around in all cases yet.

Terraria: hit and we're waiting for DeathCradle to wake up to make sure that I patched it right. With luck, should be ready soon.

Every time you post on Pawoo/Mastodon, you get about 2-3 bot followers. I'm glad they've managed to clone that part of Twitter so well!

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