#mastodonmemory my timeline was full of tankies and faux woke jerkasses who fancied themselves leftist but were just snobs

I find it ironic that the most common argument against systemd is that it's overly complicated when the reality tends to be the opposite. like yeah brah i really need a full ntp server on my desktop

Hey mastodon, tell me about free domain names. Thinking about starting an instance on a budget, and free would help with that, but there has to be a catch. What is it?

> "You gave me HSV and HPV, I want you to apologize for it because you care enough to. I want you to understand that however little a thing seems to you, it ruins a girl's life."

Note written by girlfriend to celebrity boyfriend years ago, now dug up because she committed suicide and a legal battle is brewing. But that's, however tragic, just celebrity gossip.

Here's what I reacted to. I don't wish any diseases on anyone, and I want all girls and boys to get HPV vaccinations.

But: > 27% of all US girls' lives are ruined? Really? That's some crazy stigma. People don't know how common these viruses are?

Made me think of that South Park episode where the kids got angry (and they should!) over chickenpox parties and decided to give their parents oral herpes. Freakin' 70% of US people already have it.

Promoting videos over pictures and pictures over looks and links over text ruined them

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The fact that Mastodon sorts strictly by time is alone enough to make it better than the big social media sites

Friday, Friday, Friday!!

Put away your monster truck keys and tune in for the Gaming On Linux Friday livestream! Contenders this week are:

- IS Defense (hey, I don't pick 'em)
- Unbalance
- Dungeons of Chaos

And since we wrapped up SOMA last week, you can help us decide what the next livestream project will be.



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