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@foxeye_fox I use DeepL Translate; I can highly recommend it, it's much more accurate than Google's.

私は DeepL 翻訳を使用しています。私はそれを非常にお勧めすることができます、それはGoogleのよりもはるかに正確です。

@the_syreth_clan @foxeye_fox I second this about DeepL. I started recently using this myself to help with Japanese text. Give that a try if you need some help.

@Carls493 @the_syreth_clan Yes, but how do people in other countries type the Japanese words for game screens and illustrations into DeepL?
Google Translate can take a string of text with smartphone's camera and translate it, but I don't think DeepL has that feature.
In my development phase, I translate by verifying the machine translation and my own knowledge and the extent to which the text is used on the internet, etc., but I still make a lot of childish mistakes.

@foxeye_fox @the_syreth_clan your method of translating the text is similar to mine. First I just see how Google Translate makes the sentence, but then I take the same Japanese text, and bring it to DeepL, then I compare and contrast the Google translation and the DeepL translation, see which one works best between the two, or just try to further transliterate what I got out of them if I feel both translations were still off a bit.

This is how I understand your stories.

@Carls493 @the_syreth_clan Thank you for explaining it so courteously.
Japanese people can easily input alphabets, but overseas people may not be able to input Japanese because of the keyboard. I feel this is a big bottleneck for translation.

@Carls493 @the_syreth_clan While DeepL is certainly excellent, when translating from Japanese to English, I often see all sorts of mistakes, including large deletions of crucial text, outputting the exact opposite meaning, swapping modifiers, etc.
I don't know how decent my translation is in this work.
I hope this work is an easy to read translation.

@foxeye_fox @the_syreth_clan I see. Just do the best that you can, and me and I’m sure others can work from there if there are any further issues with the English.