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@foxeye_fox I have one more picture piece to find! Merry Christmas Fox!!!🎄

@nitron2097 Oh, Merry Christmas! This illustration is the last tonight! Drawing two characters was a little hard!

@nitron2097 Thank you for many reply tonight!

@foxeye_fox Sure! And I got all four pictures! Is there anything else to do in the game?

@nitron2097 There is no ending scene in this game. When you get 4 illustrations, it is the finish!

@foxeye_fox Thank you! I can't wait for Natika-chan's game! Merry Xmas.

@nitron2097 I've been making a lot of work recently, so it's taking a long time to develop. But I really enjoy it.

@foxeye_fox 圣诞快乐!很开心今年又能玩到圣诞特别游戏。花了两个小时通了关,感觉很有趣。让我更加期待您的新作品!不过游戏里以眼球作为敌人还是有点惊悚,请问为什么会以眼球作为敌人呢?

@ai9531587 感谢您的参与!实际上,这个眼球最初是变形虫。 但是,变形虫的动作很复杂,因此我将其更改为眼球以快速完成。

@Carls493 Merry Christmas! Morning is approaching in Japan.