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@foxeye_fox 幸いにも日本のど真ん中辺りのうちの辺りは何もなかったのでよかったのですが、Foxさんのところはご無事でしたでしょうか?(´゜ω゜`)

@myake1107 @cloxe ご無事でなによりです。うちは日本海側なんですが台風の予想進路からは微妙に外れてたし山に阻まれて台風被害も半減だろうと油断してたんですが…一晩中防災無線鳴り響いて河はあふれるわ雨漏りはするわ朝起きたら町中下水臭というひどい状態でした;


@foxeye_fox glad to hear from you again after learning about that typhoon.

@Carls493 Maybe the biggest in the last decades!

@foxeye_fox I hope everyone is okay. / 皆が無事だといいが.

@the_syreth_clan @kofsmg Thanks. There was no damage to my family, but some people lost their homes, lost their lives, or were seriously injured.

@foxeye_fox I heard. Glad to hear you are safe and condolences and best wishes for those severely impacted by the storm.

@foxeye_fox Glad you're safe. I hope everybody affected by it will recover.

@foxeye_fox I heard about this on the "BBC Global News" this morning! I hope you are safe!