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@foxeye_fox おつかれさまです!(*゜▽゜)

@myake1107 ありがとうございます!そんな計画的な並列開発じゃないですが…3D熱が来てる時とかドット熱が来てる時とか気分に合わせて集中的に作ってる感じです。この形だと作品ごとの開発ペースにムラが生じるので近況呟きづらかったりしますが(-_^;今のところ没は生まれることなく継続中です! …うちのエアコンは除湿が壊れてるのか湿度の高い日はエラーで止まってしまいますね。古いし買い替えかなぁ…

@foxeye_fox It's been quite a while since I've gotten to see you in one of your own manga pages, Fox. I can see Natica, there.

@Carls493 I'm not good at drawing myself in two roles. (Polon's thoughts this time are my thoughts that predicted someone else's thoughts. It's somewhere embarrassing...) ////

@foxeye_fox it’s no trouble. I usually see at least one post from you each month, even if this time was really late. Keep up the good work!

@foxeye_fox Glad to see your "survival report"! Looking forward to your up-coming game! :)

@kofsmg Oh, Is it a "survival report"?! It's a strange translation but I don't know what to say. "Still alive" or "I'm fine" might be better..??

@foxeye_fox @kofsmg I understand. It’s been over a month since you last made a post, but those are good ways to say that.

@foxeye_fox Ah, sorry, I was just quoting the Google Translate version of your post lol. You're right - it probably is a strange translation lol.

@foxeye_fox 左下の所は開発画面ですか?絵のクオリティが違うので