Fox @foxeye_fox

Thanks for your patience, FoxEye Limited Game Collection English version has been released! This work is now available through DLsite.

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@foxeye_fox well done! This is the second time you released a game in English during E3 week. Thank you and keep up the good work!

@Carls493 Oh, it was a coincidence that it was released during E3 week. Thanks!

@foxeye_fox Nice, I bought but I can't play because for some reason. dlsite could not confirm the purchase when I tried to log in at user authentication. :(

@rubyvespa I am sorry to trouble you. Did you receive an error code of [CLD240-181-12029]? If so, please read this page.

@foxeye_fox @rubyvespa I had the same problem myself. I already contacted the DLSite staff, though, and they took care of it quickly.

@foxeye_fox @rubyvespa I also had this same issue. Maybe it's an issue with DLSite's authenticator. I had to remove the file and download it a second time for it to work.

@kofsmg @rubyvespa @Carls493 I was very relieved that your trouble was solved. Please contact me if anything happens. Hmm... If all the problems are the same cause, I would also like to write an FAQ on the official site :/

@foxeye_fox I contact the dlsite and they fix it. Anyway, great work and waiting for your next game. :D

@foxeye_fox Yay! I had been waiting for this - thank you very much! I look forward to your other up-and-coming game as well!!