My mom's always been the raunchy, feisty, adventurous type. Not to mention, she's jaw-droppingly sexy!

So naturally, when she wanted another baby and Dad did not, she kicked him to the curb immediately and made me, her precious little boy, man of the house!

As her beloved son, I have it all: trips abroad, expensive meals, consoles, games, and all the special goodnight kisses I want! We even sleep real close and comfy on OUR new bed!

But lately, mommy's being even more doting. She's been wearing almost nothing around the house, missing no opportunities to bend over and show me her motherly mounds. Right now, we're goofing around in the pool, and she keeps striking breathtakingly provocative poses. She told me that tonight we'll be wrapping a "special gift" that will open itself 9 months from now!

I hope she doesn't notice how naughty I feel, because I sure am excited!

#incest #motherson #mothersonimpregnation #spoiledson

Give your own father-brother the experience of knocking you up young so your son-brother can experience the same.

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