This to do my wishlist of Buddyfight and BattleSpirits cards collection

Koakuma Pixie, Yuan, Rankuma, TouNatsu shippers are very salty

Oc Canon acc way better most support ships

Shipping wiki must have recommended Yo-kai watch, dansen, Inazuma Eleven, Buddyfight, BattleSpirits upgrade please to put in the in the others ships, I'm will be patient shipping must update for sure

Raki Roseanne adalah teman masa kecil kumako kuka semenjak dia memiliki hal yang Sama, kokoro seea dia akan memiliki otps yang cocok Yuujin Ozora, ketika project ketiga akan ditentukan Yo-kai watch dan Digimon game monster yang sering saya gunakan saat main bareng adek

My childhood that's I'm growing my love of Anime
Disney XD - Bdaman guilty pleasure
Animax - dansen guilty pleasure
Toonami - GaistCrusher guilty pleasure
Spacetoon - metabot classic but good
Nickelodeon - Buddyfight love at first sign

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