this is one of the skunks who was tracking me last night. if you recognize please call the skunk cops

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tired of bouncing these jurassic ass spiders every night. shack up somewhere else

hey. let's give it up for cool water.

Cool Water big fan

maybe they should change the name to Tooters.
has anyone said this yet?

Years ago at work we were talking our all time favourite movies and a bunch of classics came up and I said Jurassic Park and Ill never forget turning to the next guy who said Fletch Lives

Watch "The Band - The Last Waltz - The Weight feat. the staples singers" on YouTube

one thing thats fun here is when you click on someones profile and it takes 40 minutes to load and you lose interest in why you went there to creep their media. two thumbs up

my first thought about this thing is everyone should be forced to use their exact same twitter names and avis and shit for like a year til we get this sorted out


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