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Make sure they are vaccinated before doing anything.
You could get rabies

Next time I'll try drawing on an A3 to see how it scans.

Because use the term sex is not inclusive to aliens?


I managed to find a used Epson workforce.


Only 4gb memory?
To be phone from 5 years ago, it seems weird.

I understand that perhaps not being Japanese he felt comfortable talking to a foreigner, but the thing did not bother me I was perplexed by the speed with which the thing happened I did not have time to respond that he had already deleted the message.
Then there is also the question of money, actually getting commissions from local artists actually costs less, especially if you are looking for a "physical" illustration.

Thank you , but my style is a mix between 90's anime and modern anime only by drawing in a traditional way the result is what you see.
ps: Yeah Polt is good too.

Nah, I choose race: Wolfgirl
1st job archer
2nd job prostitute.
Because i want easy money.

I just need to use it to load the lesson slides and link it to the projector.
So yeah I think it's perfectly fine for what I need to do.

My laptop died after 8 years of service now I am forced to change so do you have any advice?


The only requirement that is essential to be a man is to have a once-in-a-lifetime hit to the balls, if it didn't happen to you, you are not a man.

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I also tried to buy some Java games at that time and they arrived via MMS, but as I said, you had to have them configured beforehand, otherwise you wouldn't receive anything and money would be deducted from your phone credit.

I wondered about this, because in 2007 it was difficult for a mobile phone to download a game from the internet, and the only mobile phone that had support for 'cartridges' was the Nokia N-GAGE.

There was a nokia N-gage version of oblivion ?

You change it very often, but the subjects are always the same: anime titties, collapse of the society and a little dose of teen angst.

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You have watched a very specific hentai category.

Nah since they took away pornography only Nazis and Doctor Who fans are left, the latter are impossible to flush out.

Like some reference of other games\film\other media and stuff like this.

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