Bro Clash got out four years before Tiktok how did you grow up so fast?

My scanner malfunctioned, spitting out the images I had uploaded, so I decided to reload them, but using my smartphone, hoping they would be of the same quality.

Second illustration of the month, one more to go.

Point of view: You're late, and your wife's angry.

First illustration of the month, 2 more to go.
This time I decided to stay on the SFW since I haven't done any in a while.

GO GO Hounds!

Repost because of shitty quality, probably my scanner it’s breaking up.

I know this is a repost but there was an error during the scan and I couldn't help but notice it.

I was looking at my old artwork to come up with some new ideas and so I came across this ..... I understand why I never published it.

Twitter still thinks I'm in India, but I'm not worried about it, though, that even in India, BTS are trending tags even there, it's very unsettling.

it took me a while, but I finished it. And the oppressive heat certainly didn't help me fight my urge to procastinate.


I am genuinely interested in knowing which hentai website has as an ara-ara tag, for scientific purposes only.

And it's over! I have to say that the whole series of Cool Gray is great for dark hair, last time I used real black and the result was not the best.

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