I recently bought some copics with a red colour range and I must say they are great for colouring hair.
Redhead :air_no_hungry:

Someone wrote me on Pixiv if I was taking commissions, only then when he realized I wasn't Japanese apologized and deleted the message.

I really don’t understand.

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After several tests it is now official my scanner is broken and say that I had recently changed it... so the next images will be scanned with the smartphone.

Hoping that the quality does not drop too much

My scanner malfunctioned, spitting out the images I had uploaded, so I decided to reload them, but using my smartphone, hoping they would be of the same quality.

Second illustration of the month, one more to go.

Point of view: You're late, and your wife's angry.

I understand Pixiv is made to upload images, but why here all the uploaded pictures are reduced to a quarter of the original definition?


You finished building the rack you were talking about?

Lately I've been gaining a few followers here on the fediverse simply by shitposting.
Is this magic?

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First illustration of the month, 2 more to go.
This time I decided to stay on the SFW since I haven't done any in a while.

GO GO Hounds!

Repost because of shitty quality, probably my scanner it’s breaking up.

I know this is a repost but there was an error during the scan and I couldn't help but notice it.


I'm going to try to do three illustrations this month and if I can keep the pace in the next few months, I might even open a fanbox or something like that.

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:akko_nope: Yeah, i can definitely related in terms of inking / sketching digitally, its not the same feeling and control. Even when there's digital "G-pen" and other dip pen nibs brushes out there i always find them garbage compared to the real thing.

:cirno_smile: the only reason i do digital on coloring is because in short im garbage at coloring in general. digitally and traditionally. Might as well learn by using ctrl-z

I just found out that the shop specialized in drawing material near my house reopened, it's time to go buy some new copic markers.

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I was looking at my old artwork to come up with some new ideas and so I came across this ..... I understand why I never published it.

I had a few days cough and fever, so I called my doctor who booked me a swab that I did yesterday and today I got the result of it: I'm negative fuck yeah.

Someone from the film industry start to talking about it, finaly!
Don't fucking genderswap,color washing character.


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