Hey boy's I'm back from vacation, what did I miss?

I recently went to the seaside where my family has a house, and I noticed that this year the town where I reside was filled with Chinese,a but not 2 or 3 on vacation but I'm talking about a whole exercise of the series I go to shops and out of five shops I saw, in four there is at least one.

I am witnessing on twitter the emergence of a lot of Vtuber, and I wonder what the hell is going on.
Does anyone have an explanation?

Gyaru is a summer Must 

Silver hair✔️
Blue eyes✔️
Tan skin✔️
I forgot the fucking tanlines i'm a idiot, sorry Bro.


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Every year always the same story, during the vacations when I have nothing to do I always focus on something (a little too much maybe ) and this year it happened to be the vtuber Ookami Mio,since I already drew 3 illustrations on her I don't want to get to do a fourth one, also not to bore the subscribers to my pixiv account.
Send help.

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I don’t recommend looking at analytics, it’s a bad habit that can become a source of anxiety or frustration in the long term

Woah! One of my illustration has reached 2K visualization.
It's a record.

I’ve recently ranted about Twitter but I have gained follower in the last month and my illustration have totalised thousands of visual each .
I’m doing pretty well on that shitty social.

Lol there was a photo of a Nigerian bathing in the Trevi fountain on Reddit and I commented that he was an uncultured swine, that same comment has become an hell thread between who call me a racist and who give me reason because bathing in a UNESCO Heritage is a crime .

I found this old sketch from one year ago I don’t know why i haven’t finished it, so I upload it here.
With the question : Should I finish it?

I’ll probably regret it but, rate my art and then I’ll give you nothing.
Critics are welcome.

@Xeraser @RikaDerufu
Com’è la temperatura da voi?
Qui settimana prossima tocchiamo i 39°C e mi sto preparando per chiudermi in casa col condizionatore impostato sulla modalità pinguino.

Yep no, it’s 10PM and still there 28 °C I’m gonna turn on the AC until midnight.

I’ve seeing a lot of Vtuber on on predebut on Twitter what is this explosion of Vtuber?
They have become mainstream?

Ko-fi opening 

Since I can't do more than 1 illustration per month due to my job, and that exclude the patreon option automaticaly,the remaining solution was to open a Ko-fi to receive donations without a monthly pledge obligation.


>Join @RikaDerufu
>Expect some weird streaming.
>Actually pretty good .
>Rika best Vtuber (in Italy ).

Ok I have seen a lot of Fubuki artwork lately so I’m gonna draw her too.

Someone invited me in a discord group about traditional drawing and related stuff, and I was wondering if worth it .
Because I have to create an account and yada-yada.

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