Which one is better to keep as pet?

This advertisement tells us that Fuji Rock Festival is a music festival for Ojisan. If you think you are young, you don't need to go.
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The FUJIROCKER in you🤘🔥

Just realized iOS built-in calculator has shift key in landscape mode, that you can switch to do arctan(), etc.

Unopened eMate can be special too? Unless “it’s sent by Steve Jobs via the office of the President at the time out to a developer.
This is the only emate that the developer didn't open and use.” But who is the developer? So many questions in this one…


If you feel down and think your project is in development hell… Cheer up, sire! Look at Terry Gilliam, it took him 29 years, at least 8 attempts to finish The Man Who Killed Don Quixote, with tomato-meter of 6.6/10. He was in the hell, not you!


Keeps looking for chances to use Any type in typed languages and always downcasting in dynamic typing when possible.

That’s how ♎️ software engineers find balance in their life.

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Grieg, Op. 66, No. 10 (1896): 19 norske folkeviser (19 Norwegian Folk Songs), 10. Morgo ska du få gifta deg (Tomorrow You Shall Marry Her), performed by Einar Steen-Nøkleberg, 1995.


O’Reilly Books Cover in Japan, 1979. 🙃
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Woodblock miniature book: Cats, Takehisa Yumeji, 1966. ¥80K only, buy it if you’re cat lover! (I’m not


Not knowing some of the music pieces I heard have same characteristics, they are all gavotte.

Happy Flag Day! Do you know macOS Monterey is becoming the last macOS uses flags for keyboards in the menu bar?

Users will have to celebrate input source monogram next year.

Happy Flag Day! Do you know macOS Monterey is becoming the last macOS that has flag in the menu bar? User will have to celebrate language code next year.



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I thought I was making Mihashira Torii, but now it looks like AppStore icon…

60fps on an old (2016) 13.3" 1600x1200 Eink panel. 🤯
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Presenting maybe the world first 60fps Eink monitor, the Glider! (Yeah sorry, yet another pet project) Following is a short video showing prototype in action:

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