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this is mainly an account in which I post my fantasies and ramble about my life as a teen and non-practicing cannibal/necrophiliac.

Element not allowing me to log in through email is anti everything that I am

I have the irresistible urge to jerk off and I can’t tell if it’s the English boy from the show or the alcohol or both

Typing this while drinking and watching derry girls. I am so smart

the 5 stages of map grief

denial: i’m not a map! i just find childlike features, such as large eyes and small stature, attractive.
anger: why would you be proud of being a pedophile!? it’s disgusting!
bargaining: i don’t like *real* children, i’m just attracted to lolicon and shotacon! that makes it okay, right?
depression: oh god, i’m a pedophile
acceptance: hell yeah, i’m a pedophile! (joins nnia)

only the real ones know how I look and if you don’t then ur not a part of my real ones package

Daniel from the second Harry potter movie will always be my favorite hes so cute and ugh I just want to fuck him

Trying to ignore the fact my sister caught me buying lube 🧍‍♂️

I’m very happy with my life right now as a closeted MAP. Additionally, I’ve reached a point in my transition where people think I’m cis, even when I’m not binding. I’m feeling… affirmed and comfortable :)

Since nobody objected to anything on this list, I made it a picture.

For those of you who don't know, there exists an artistic tradition to draw one little thing a day from a list of prompts for a month - this usually happens in autumn, and the prompt lists are given pun names, like Inktober.

This is the same, but for nnia. One day - one prompt, you are free to interpret it as vaguely as you want (including deliberately drawing the polar opposite of what's said). The original idea by @riotblush , finalization by me.


The post I made about my dream lbf keeps getting attention and it reminds me that I would still rawdog that nonexistent boy

I love dads so fucking much that I wish I could be the boytoy of a man who is stuck in a miserable loveless marriage. I want to live next door and have everybody be oblivious to the fact he’s getting rawdogged by a teen each Friday night 🙏 also I want to eat him and his dadbod yummy for my tummy

my favorite time of the day is agitating Elliot whenever I can

rawdogging older men ✅
rawdogging little girls/boys ✅

the duality of man 😼

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