aaaand yes, another favourite XD
but this is special, i don;t know why but looks so passionate :yanagiyuu_heart3:

and Iduna is here :) my favourite adult woman X)
she loves spending time with her daughters
#loli #yuri #frozen #frozenfest

and another one, i love the pose of this one, iduna and her daughter have a lot of fun X)

#loli #frozen #frozenfest

and with this animation end the frozen fest I hope you enjoyed the content! and and obviously will be more of anna and elsa soon :) for now i hope you like this animation,
and again if you want to put audio to this animations please do it :)
#loli #yuri #frozen #frozenfest

i can't blame her- i mustv looked so cute back then-hope i still do.

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