Jack from A Touch of Blue in the Stars~
A commission for Anonymous. Thanks for the support!

Rape, Shota, Watersports 

A fun comic I got a little bit ago from the absolutely amazing @birdthief ! Thanks again so much, and I hope I can get more work from you again soon! X3

My young nerd Haze doesn't want to be the gym teacher's pet, but he has no choice but to do what he's told or risk getting in trouble, including wearing a really compact chastity for the foreseeable future. I wonder if he'll make it through this school year?

#Rape #Shota #Chastity #Watersports


Sensitive Subjet AI Art 

Happy Bunny year!
This was an experiment.
#ai #aiart #ittsuijun #shota


Everyone knows things like this gonna happen when you're a new Pokeboi.
His life as a breeder has only just begun. After Ash retires, Roy has big shoes to fill.

Check the password at

Uh oh! Looks like the little wizard tried to summon a loyal spirit servant, but got a horny bunny's ghost instead!
Commission for [Sammy] 🐷 squishy boi ~💕


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