i've just realized that my posts are not visible in western instances like mastodon.xyz or mastodon.cloud ...can't see the point of posting here anymore. i could start posting in japanese, but i'm not in the mood. mastodon has a huge fragmentation problem. sorry...back to twitter

i've started reading the official swift guide by apple. a bit boring... i need some interesting tutorial

updated osx to 10.12... no problem so far. i can't see any difference aside siri...

i haven't opened this application since i've bought it, but developer constantly updated it, and now i have to say that it's beautiful! by the way, this is a flickr client for osx called "f-stop" itunes.apple.com/us/app/f-stop it's developed by an italian guy (like me) and it's very cheap pawoo.net/media/dVaYflWsHFvqSn

i've just discovered that the beautiful oresama singer PON is actually the female singer of the ACCA 13 OP (which i love) acca-anime.com/goods/cd/op.php

she's very VERY cute 😻 >> ORESAMA / 「ねぇ、神様?」 【MV】公式 (スマホ推奨 / for Smartphone) youtu.be/1IVHBmtE-cA

i'm glad i haven't invested in this game. shutted down in less than one year. and this is the second time this year that they shut down a game. at this point i don't trust nutaku anymore. >> Idol Wars Z Closure Announced on Nutaku lewdgamer.com/2017/04/29/idol-

finally a search engine for mastodon cler.ical.ist although far from perfect 😶

Dangun Feveron (弾銃フィーバロン) looks pretty good on the ps4!

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