Every now and then you need a hitman. It happens. Though some problems require more of a witch. Dunno what it is with me lately and the "Loli with guns" thing, but at least it gets me drawing :3

At the end of a life, a Cleaner helps ease the passage to Heaven :3 They say they are the final, greatest blessing for the tortured soul. What better to offer succor to the dying than a cute angel loli?

I had an urge to draw Lillie recently, so I pursued it and went a bit further beyond my normal level of "You can do this shit yeah!"

And another doodle of Ginxhou, the lovely little Gluttony Demon in Reject Demon Toko, enjoying a grand meal

Alright, doodle dump time >w< Some random doodles of Aisha Clan Clan, some weird Angel Fuck MAchine that was in a dream I had, a random sex swing attempt, and best FFXIV Minfilia: Loli Minfilia.

Sorry I have neglected this place for so long >n< I need to get back to posting shit, including old drawings

So I've been trying to get back into the flow of things, and jegus this body pillow loli just does not look good to me after getting some sleep. I should completely redo the head.

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A fish out of water, I came here to follow loli artists after Twitter decided to purge what I love.


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